Thursday, August 7, 2008

Veritas - Mission Statement

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen...(well hello beautiful )

For many of you, you are reading me ramble, rave, and rant for the very first time. For the very few people who actually did read my blog on myspace, kudos, and why did you bother wasting your time like that?

Anyways, it's business time. I haven't really written a blog in a long time, but I feel like I can start it up again, and maybe someone will read. Maybe some of you may even find it entertaining, or perhaps even enlightening Those who are bold and daring enough should expect the following from Veritas:

  • Truth (more on that later)
  • Reviews of sorts (movies, tv, music, etc.)
  • Less ranting (than the myspace blog)
  • More well-thought out... thoughts
  • Return of "Line of the Day" and perhaps even some "What did I learn"
  • Social commentary and observations
  • Less use of the word "Anyways"
  • Some other really cool stuff I guess
Basically a continuation and overall replacement of the myspace blog is what you should expect here, plus the noted improvements above. But as such it still carries the same name, "Veritas". What started as a way for me to let my peeps know that the blog or bulletin posted was really from me instead of some hacker, I started every title with "Veritas", which of course means "Truth", this way it was guaranteed to be the real thing. But as I progressively entitled each one, I began to think of the blog itself as being named "Veritas", with the sole intention of speaking only the truth. That same spirit will continue here. I think for the most part I'll still be writing off the top of my head, so it won't be anywhere near perfect. But therein lies the beauty. I'm partially anxious to see the guaranteed evolution of Veritas. But I hope you readers actually take more from it than I will. Best case scenario, I hope you at least enjoy it. So let's have some fun...

Pappa Joe

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