Sunday, August 31, 2008

Veritas - TV Review - Prison Break (FOX)

As per my recent post regarding season start information, I felt like I was forgetting something, and sure enough, I did. And likewise, what I said in that post about shows 'falling through the cracks', this one did. So my apologies to Prison Break.

Prison Break 2 hour premiere MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2008: 8PM Fox

On that note... shame on you Fox. I was watching FX and saw ONE... 1... I repeat ONE, commercial for the Prison Break Premiere... tomorrow. However, every fucking commercial break had an ad for your stupid "Sons of Anarchy" show. FX... you hit paydirt with The Shield and Rescue Me and to a lesser extent Nip/Tuck... stop trying to play off these new shitty shows like they're the heirs... they're not. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy that you're trying. But still... it's obvious they suck.

Prison Break, on the other hand, in it's 4th season now, I believe, is a great show. It's a little predictable at some times, but still has some of the best writing and acting out there in all of the networks. If you haven't seen it before, go ahead and rent the first three seasons, they are definitely worth a watch. Each season is kind of it's own show. What I mean by that is think of other shows like 24... although a great show, every season is about how Jack Bauer saves the country. Each Prison Break season has it's own goal, which makes it fresh and exciting. The seasons aren't that dependent on each other, so you could start with 4 now if you wanted. If you're worried about season 4 spoiling the others, then don't. But I think it's kind of obvious that if they're in season 4, then chances are some things are already spoiled for you. But even if you are worried about it, there is more than enough plot turns in each season to keep you intrigued.

Whatever your choice, the new season starts TOMORROW
September 1 2008
2 hours

Happy watching!

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