Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Veritas - TV PREview

It hit me today that in EXACTLY ONE week begins the series finale of "The Shield" on FX. It is a happy, yet sad time. In my personal opinion, it is and was one of the best shows on television. What's been weird about maybe the past eight months or so, is that I haven't watched much television. Mostly because there was nothing good on, but also because the shows that are good were put on hiatus during the writer's strike (they were in the right so I don't blame them). Unfortunately, it not only messed up my nightly schedule, but I think it messed with my internal 'season' clock. You know what I'm talking about. "It's been a few months since I've seen Lost, so it must be starting a new season soon." THAT internal clock. It's been so long since I've seen an episode of The Shield that I almost feel like its already over... but alas it's not. But case in point, it's almost like I forgot about the show when the new season didn't come up when my internal clock thought it was supposed to. So here I am to remind you out there in TV Land of your favorite shows, and when you should expect their triumphant return...

Show; Season Premiere; Season; Genre; Network

PRISON BREAK; Mon September 1, 2008; 8pm; Drama; FOX

The Shield; Tues September 2, 2008 10pm EST; 7; Drama; FX

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia; Thurs September 18, 2008 10pm EST; 4; Comedy; FX

The Office; Thurs September 25, 2008 9pm (Hour long); 5; Comedy; NBC

30 Rock; Thurs October 30, 2008 9:30pm EST; 3; Comedy; NBC

24 Season 7 Prologue- 24: Exile; November 23 2008; 6.5; Drama; FOX

Lost; Early 2009; 5; Drama; ABC

Rescue Me; March 2009; 5; Drama; FX

On a side note, Rescue Me is currently doing mini webisodes. They are airing on FX, but you can also catch them online. I've only watched one so far, and plan to watch a bunch of them all at once over on http://www.hulu.com/rescue-me. I'll review Hulu some other time. I don't know when these mini webisodes end, but I think they'll be up for a while.

I'll write reviews and stuff for these shows when their airdates get closer. I'll also post more specific information when I find it. For some reason it's really tough to find the season start dates. I spent a good 5 minutes looking on "The Office" website before finally finding it. It's as if they try to get you to not watch. They really should try putting it in A BIG FUCKING FONT SIZE so that people can find it easily... or maybe I'm just tired. I must have seen the link for the episode recap 15 times while scanning the page. Does anybody even read those? And don't get me started on FX's webpages. The Shield's page isn't too bad, but Sunny's is awful... it takes FOREVER to load, and I'm on a cable modem. NO site needs THAT much Flash. Dragging around the characters' heads is fun for about 3 seconds. Who thought that up?

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